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Susan Wenzinger, RN

Susan is a board-certified holistic nurse practitioner with advanced study in integrative aromatherapy and massage, healing touch spiritual ministry, energy medicine and health coaching. She practices meditation daily creates Mindful Moments, journals and grows herbs in her aromatherapy garden. She blogs at and posts occasionally on social media.

Mindfulness is the ability to use all of the senses in order to fully engage in life and feel alive in the present moment. Mindful Health calls on the breath to invite the power of the present, creating a quiet, calm space where stress may gently be released on all levels. Through this relaxation response, healing then takes place.

The Mindful Health Studio is designed to be a healing sanctuary for your body, mind, heart and spirit. Here you’ll learn to manage daily stress and feel supported during the ongoing stress of chronic illness, challenges as a caregiver, life’s transitions, loss and grief. Through supportive communication, guided meditation and gentle bodywork, you will explore root causes of stress as you develop new awareness and insights.

At the Mindful Health Studio, you will begin to experience transformation, leading to your healing and personal growth.

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If you are feeling:

  • Symptoms of stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Physical pain anywhere
  • Energy imbalance or lack
  • Emotional eating
  • Weight gain
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Anxiety & depression
  • High sensitivity
  • Spiritual distress

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Happy & Well

  • I feel confident that I have you as my advocate on my journey to healing. I feel that I can ask you anything and that you help guide me on the journey.

    Babs, Binghamton NY
  • The Energy-balancing workshop has helped me to feel more relaxed and focused; the meditation and breathing techniques were very effective.

    Linda, Endicott NY
  • “Your Energy-Balancing workshop helped me to breathe and clear my mind. It was helpful to learn meditation techniques and I was able to feel more relaxed.”

    Ellen, RN; Binghamton, NY

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