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How to Create the Vibrant Health You Really Want! 

Attention stressed-out and overwhelmed women:  Does this sound like you?

  • Do you wake up in the morning and just wish you could pull the covers over your head?
  • Feel like you are barely hanging on by a thread?
  • Feel anxious?  Down or depressed?
  • Feel overwhelmed by stress?  Noise? Crowds?  Too many demands?
  • Brain in over-drive or body wired, making it hard to sleep well at night?
  • Eating because of all the stress or pain in your life?
  • Have tension and pain in your neck and other muscles?
  • Coping with chronic illness or caring for someone who is?
  • Struggling with loss(es) and overwhelmed by grief?
  • Crave silence to recharge?  Wish you could get away from it all?
  • Wonder how to take a little “me time” to relax without feeling guilt?
  • Feel worn down by winter’s darkness leaving you low on energy?

Instead of barely surviving, do you want to feel VIBRANT, healthy and joyful?

Would you rather…

  • Feel energized to get up in the morning and look forward to doing the things you love?
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and learn to balance your energy to create calm?
  • Get rid of muscle tension and pain in neck, shoulders and elsewhere?
  • Take a little time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate?
  • Use natural tools to relax (instead of medications with unwanted side effects)?
  • Relieve pain and shed a few pounds?
  • Create more peaceful days to enjoy family and friends in the new year?
  • Feel like looking in the mirror again!

Then enroll in my eCourse:

How to Create the Vibrant Health You Really Want

  • Discover the six simple steps to CREATE the vibrant health you really want
  • Learn how to use your breath as the key to unlocking awareness and intuition
  • Write your personal prescription for better well-being
  • Embrace your sensitivity and learn what truly nourishes you
  • Begin using natural wellness tools so you feel can relax and feel peaceful
  • Plan a wellness routine that’s unique to you
  • Put the peace and joy back into the winter season


  • Enroll today to get started right away
  • The program is a 12-week course with bonus week 13
  • Complete one week at a time or work at your own pace
  • Includes a monthly downloadable Guidebook with information and action strategies
  • The Guidebook also offers space for you to reflect
  • Videos accompany each step of the Guidebook
  • Access downloadable pdf journal pages each month
  • Specially created Meditation: written and mp3 formats
  • BONUS:  Vibrant Health Action Plan to get ready for the winter ahead

Your enrollment includes the following additional resources:

  • Free access to recorded teleseminars for additional natural and holistic wellness strategies
  • Regular Wellness Café blog posts delivered to your in-box
  • Optional enrollment in closed Facebook group for additional support, discussion, inspiration

REGISTER BELOW or get in touch: or Center for Holistic Services 607.729.7001

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Create Vibrant Health and go from

barely surviving to vibrantly thriving!

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