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Free Downloads

These downloads are available for free!  Here you’ll find printed meditations and mindfulness resources.  In addition, there are mp3’s for your listening and relaxation.  These downloads will benefit you as you try to release stress, fall asleep, reduce blood pressure and become more mindful on your life journey.  Please feel free share these with your family and friends.

Resources for Purchase

Following are resources available for purchase.  For each topic, there is a downloadable mp3 along with a pdf guide to the mp3.  These are being made available for a nominal fee.  Please click on the link below the title to make payment.  Allow up to 24 hours for the materials to be delivered to your inbox.

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How to Prevent the Winter Blues


1/2 hour mp3 and Guide

Self-Care for the Sensitive Woman


24 minute mp3 and Guide

Three Natural Ways to Tame Stress (without Popping a Pill)


39 minute mp3 and Guide

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