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Congratulations for seeking out natural wellness solutions to break free from compulsive eating, weight gain and other symptoms of chronic stress! I am thrilled to be the guide on your journey to better health!

Continue reading through this page for more information about stress-related conditions as well as my one-of-a-kind stress management program carefully designed to CREATE Vibrant Health from the Inside Out during midlife and beyond!


Some common stressors during midlife and the years beyond include the following:

  • mood swings due to shifting hormonal levels
  • chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis
  • children “leaving the nest”
  • changes in relationships due to illness of family members, loss of a spouse
  • caregiving responsibilities for parents or other family members
  • changes in job responsibilities or retirement
  • financial uncertainty
  • moves to new home and possibly new geographic location
  • challenges navigating the health care system
  • changes in social relationships
  • feelings of boredom, lack of purpose

It’s estimated that 80% or more of visits to heath care providers are due to the impact of stress on well-being. Here are just a few of the health challenges caused by stress:

Physical conditions

  • difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • not feeling refreshed in the morning
  • fatigue during the day
  • racing heart, chest pressure
  • lack of appetite
  • bowel irregularities
  • upset stomach
  • muscle pain
  • back and other joint pain
  • tightness or soreness in neck and shoulders
  • headaches
  • changes in weight
  • and more

Mental and Emotional Issues

  • eating when not hungry
  • feeling sad, down or depressed
  • poor concentration
  • forgetfulness
  • irritability
  • mood swings
  • difficulty making decisions
  • teary
  • sense of worry or dread
  • feelings of tension
  • anxiety disorders
  • and more

Spiritual Effects

  • life seems purposeless
  • lack feeling of connection to God or a Higher Power
  • unsure of your personal values
  • unable to quiet your mind
  • can’t express creativity
  • lack feelings of gratitude
  • feel bored, restless
  • lack of appreciation for nature
  • uncomfortable being alone
  • feel disconnected from the earth
  • and more

If you have experienced one or more of these conditions (perhaps even to be told by your health care provider that it’s the result of stress), then you have come to the right place! I have had the opportunity to support many stressed-out women just like you – and I can help you, too!

Break Free from emotional eating and other negative effects of Stress!

Through my one-of-a-kind program, you will break free from the negative effects of stress to CREATE Vibrant Health. I will guide you through the six powerful steps as we work together to develop your own Personal Prescription for Vibrant Health:

Connect with your breath to increase awareness of who you really are, your unique stressors and challenges, and your inner guidance which helps point the way to vibrant health

As you breathe out, let go of obstacles and energy drains; simply release anything that doesn’t serve you on your journey to better health

Set your intention for better health then identify and affirm your personal strengths

Align for action and transformation by writing your goals; then choose the strategies and steps you will take to meet your personal goals

Gather all your tools and supports because it’s time to take action and transform your health and your life

Feel healthy and vibrant; renew your commitment to the lifelong process of creating wellness

As part of your Personal Prescription for Vibrant Health,

I will share with you three simple yet effective

tools of transformation


Write to better health in just a few minutes a day. I will teach you simple, effective techniques, even if you’ve never journaled before or hate to write.

Click here for a journal page to print and try out!



It’s as simple as paying attention to your breath! Try it right now…concentrate completely and only on your breath for one minute. Notice that you feel calmer? I will share a variety of techniques that you can use most anytime, anywhere (except, of course, when you’re supposed to be concentrating such as when you are driving!)

Click here for a meditation to print and try today!



Walking is a great stress reliever! Other than a comfortable pair of sneakers and a bit of commitment, a regular walking program requires nothing else! If you’re not already walking most every day of the week, I’ll help you get started today (unless your health care provider has told you otherwise). And if you can walk outdoors and get some Vitamin N (Nature), the walk has even more benefits!

Click here to read the article “Walk to Health”

As a result of participating in this program, you will


  • eliminate useless mind chatter and endless worry
  • learn specific relaxation techniques that will free you from anxiety
  • sleep more deeply and wake up in the morning feeling energized
  • tune into hunger, eat when you’re hungry and stop when you feel satisfied
  • return to a natural weight for your body
  • feel less irritable and moody
  • feel peaceful and confident
  • breathe joy back into life
  • feel supported as you face inevitable daily stress
  • create your personal Intuitive Wellness toolkit for stress management

If you are ready to get started, just click here to fill out the “Getting Acquainted” questionnaire. I will personally review this form, and you will be contacted to arrange a time for us speak together and discover what’s next.